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Since 1957, Halliwell Shoes has been a family business specializing in fitting both Ladies and Men's shoes.

In the 1980s, as our business expanded, we sought a name that reflected our style, giving rise to


From the 1980's and 2020's, we proudly operated up to 7 stores.

However, we've now downsized, now offering

Eyecatcher Shoes in THAMES and Halliwell Shoes in PUKEKOHE.

Our dedication to providing the latest in European fashion remains unchanged.

Our target market consists of individuals who take pleasure in fashion, demanding the latest styling and want quality and comfort that looks good and feels great.

Plus, We offer a comprehensive range of footcare products, from nourishing creams to insoles and laces, ensuring your footwear investment lasts for years to come.

Count on our experienced staff for personalized assistance with correct fitting and all your footwear needs.

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Halliwell Shoes

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